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  • Jonathan Gyurko, PhD

    Jonathan Gyurko, PhD

    For over two decades, Jonathan has led innovative efforts to create and expand educational opportunities of the highest quality for students around the world.

  • Yonatan Zunger

    Yonatan Zunger

    Either political analysis of authoritarian regimes, or interesting facts about science, depending on my mood.

  • Walid Saba, PhD

    Walid Saba, PhD

    Principal AI Scientist, ONTOLOGIK.AI

  • Zachery Tyson Brown

    Zachery Tyson Brown

    Personal opinions only.

  • Max S. Gordon

    Max S. Gordon

    Max S. Gordon is a writer and activist. His work has appeared in on-line and print magazines in the U.S. and internationally. Follow Max on twitter:@maxgordon19

  • Steven F. Freeman

    Steven F. Freeman

    Expertise: crisis preparedness, resiliency, innovation, research methods & applications. Faculty Jefferson, UPenn+. PhD MIT. Advising industry, govnt, orgs, YOU

  • Merve Hickok

    Merve Hickok

    Founder @ www.aiEthicist.org and Lighthouse Career Consulting. Merve advocates, teaches, speaks, writes, on ethical AI and its social justice implications.

  • umair haque

    umair haque


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