Not only is the technology not objective, neither are we. Many unintended but avoidable adverse consequences will come from pursing the current technological trajectory. This is not knee-jerk alarmism or anxious pessimism. In the development of engineered cognition and autonomous agents intended to reduce or replace human involvement and decision-making, we are in many ways seeking pseudo-solutions to certain still inadequately defined or understood problems, the implementation of which will exponentially magnify the original problem(s) while also inadvertently creating new ones. Your call for education and transparency regarding algorithmic bias and other code-level distortions is one vital corrective step. More fundamentally, there needs to be a stronger unwavering press to help software, “intelligent agent,” and robotics developers, and the enterprises banking on their commercial success, recognize and rectify programing deformities and code-pathologies being embedded at the initial iteration level.


Founder of Dolus Advisors. Expert in human decision-making and behavior. Advising leaders in organizational issues involving psychological underpinnings

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